Put Life Back Into Your Nails!

. Monday, April 19, 2010
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Regina: "My Pores are huge!"

Gretchen: "My hairline is so weird."

Karen: "My cuticles totally suck!"

HEY! It's your YoloGirl Lauren Foos! The reason I quoted Mean Girls, besides the fact that it's an AWESOME movie is because I can totally relate to Karen! Thin, dry, breaking nails has always seemed to be MY issue. I never had them painted because I felt like they were always too short, and while acrylic nails look beautiful they can sometimes be too costly to keep up (especially for a college student like myself)! Then one day, while rummaging in my moms collection of nail polishs, I discovered "Solar Oil."

It looks like a regular nail polish, but SO much better! I started to apply it twice a day to my entire nail, including my cuticles and before you knew it my nails were longer, stronger, and more beautiful than ever! (Now, I'm starting to sound like an infomerical!) It's cheap and I absolutlly have fallen in love with this product!
It's a great way for people to have more beautiful nails. Now I can go to Jellyfish Spa and have a manicure without feeling embarrassed about my short nails! I love going and having a manicure, but now I have a nice way to keep my nails looking and feeling healthy inbetween visits!
If you are like Karen go visit ForNaturalNails.com and take a look at some of their great nail care products, pick youself up some "Solar Oil" and before you know it you'll be pleasently surprised with the results you're seeing!