. Thursday, May 20, 2010

The HOT NEW MAKE-UP TRENDS for the Summer of 2010!


This Summer it's all about the retro-inspired look of bright colorful eyes! It is based on colors such as pastels and vivid colors such as green, blue, purple, orange, and pink. You may be thinking right now..I don't know If I could pull that off...but truly make-up artists have created this trend to help you enhance your natural beauty and make you look like a "breath of fresh air." You can also combine different colors to get a more funky look, but to follow through with this trend, you have to have a great sense of color cordination, making sure that the colors work with with each other. If you are ready to try this "daring" look and become the new "trendsetter" in town head over to Dabble at the Blackhawk Plaza and book an appointment with one of our Dabbleicious dolls that can help you with creating your new look.

Have You Gotten Your YOLOGirl Membership Yet?

. Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet our 4 new YOLOGirls: Rachel Dickinson, Megan Robinson, Megan Maxwell & Alissa Anderegg.

And so they ask, "Have You Gotten Your YOLOGirl Membership Yet?!"

YOLOGIRL Interviews=HUGE Success

. Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our YOLO Staff has been hard at work picking the new YOLOgirl! Four girls have been selected for an interview and we will be announcing who are newest and latest YOLOgirl is soon! Each and every girl who we have interviewed is TOTALLY awesome and we are so excited to find out who will join us in attending fabulous parties thrown by dabble, receiving VIP treatment at Jellyfish, and getting great discounts! The search is on and we can't wait!

Lauren & Allie